Mélanie Armstrong


Tel: +41 78 763 99 01

Mélanie has diplomas in various types of massage and therapeutic techniques and is ASCA certified (« therapeutic massage ») since 2011. She was trained first in India in 2009 and learned Indian massage  and stretching techniques, as well as the mastery of oils according to ayurvedic theory.  Mélanie then followed a more formal training in Geneva, learning other techniques including Chinese Massage (TUI-NA), Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Sport Massage and Detox massages.  

Mélanie’s expertise evolved around an athletic and international clientele and she naturally decided to develop her skills to follow athletes. She then specialized in "Fascia release" and "Trigger Point", great for preparing athletes before and after their events. She has taken care of various runners, bikers and tri-athletes, including personalities such as Matt Warner Smith for the Race Accross America (RAAM) and Magali Comte, an archer who participated in the Paralympic Games in 2012. 

Mélanie is passionate about all forms of massage, especially therapeutic and sport treatments. However, Relaxation remains for her the key to well-being and health and she easily goes from a pure sport treatment to a blissful relaxation massage.


Mélanie is currently continuing her training in order to receive the Federal Certificate for Medical Massage.