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Manasi Armstrong

Tel: +41 78 763 99 01

Manasi has diplomas in several types of massage and therapeutic techniques and is ASCA & RME certified for "classic massage", "reflexology" and "lymphatic drainage". Manasi underwent her initial training in massage in India in 2009. During that period learned Indian massage  and stretching techniques, as well as Ayurvedic theory including the mastery of oil therapy.  Following her residency in India, Manasi undertook formal training in Geneva, Switzerland expanding her knowledge of other techniques, including Chinese Massage (TUI-NA), Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Neuro Structural Integration (Bowen), Chi Nei Tsang or Neuro Facial Reflexology.

​Manasi has also studied anatomy, biomechanics, and posture with training in muscular &  articular chains (©Philippe Campignion).

Most recently she has been focusing on the mind body nexus and primitive reflexes training via muscle activation and rhythmic movement (©RMTi Rythmic Movement Integration). 

Manasi’s competencies and experience can assist in your own goals – from reducing chronic pain, improving your posture, enjoying physical activity and sports at the recreational or professional level.  



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